Choosing a professional spray foam installer

At HBS, we are 100% committed to the highest standards. Professional installation ensures every home can benefit from a high level of insulation, workmanship and safety.

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Why choose a trained and authorised installer?


More know-how, less risk

Professional installers put high emphasis on safety and protection, making it a top priority on every site. With specialist training provided by HBS, installers know exactly how to install to the highest standards.

Worthwhile investment

A worthwhile investment

While the cost of professional installation may seem expensive, it’s an investment that pays off in the long term. Expertly installed spray foam is a great combination of high quality product and workmanship that sets up your home for long-term energy savings, and avoids the danger of costly repairs if not applied by trained installers.

Protected for the long term spotlight

Protected for the long term

Spray foam insulation comes with many reassurances when undertaken professionally. 25-year product warranties and installation certificates not only give homeowners peace of mind, they also give protection with any unforeseen issues after installation. Hiring HBS experts means your investment is covered.

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Trust HBS trained experts to get it right

HBS ensure to train all installers in their network to meet the required industry standards, including certifications from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and/or KIWA. On installation day a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals expertly apply an even coverage of spray foam, sealing every gap as they go. Ensuring an airtight seal the first time means your home can start benefiting from advanced spray foam insulation right away.

What do professionals like about spray foam insulation?

From expert product training to best thermal performance, discover what Barry Masterson, Managing Director at Scotfoam and HBS authorised installer, thinks about spray foam insulation.